CJAED Tool Kit for Equality
As it approaches its 25th year anniversary, CJAED continues with some proven veteran programs and is launching new, exciting and long-term initiatives. Your support is more vital than ever

Discrimination against Arab women
The rate of workforce participation among Arab women is only 28 percent, compared to 80 percent for nonreligious Jewish women.

Employment Counselors
First Course of its kind to train Employment Counselors from the Arab community ended.

OTZMA - Preparing Arab women for Board assignments

The Mevo Carmel Industrial Park is Launched!
The ceremony, that was conducted on top of a hill overlooking the valley where the industrial park will be established, began with a speech by the council's engineer that provided the audience with a professional overview of the park.

Support CJAED online
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New Joint Industrial Zone Underway for Megiddo, Umm al-Fahm and Ma'ale Iron
In February 2010 an agreement was signed between the local municipalities of Megiddo and Ma'ale Iron and the city of Umm al-Fahm for the establishment of a joint Jewish-Arab Industrial and Employment Zone.

Jasmine Portal empowering women in business
The Jasmine Portal www.jasmine.org.il is a tri-lingual interactive resource designed by women for women. The portal is a launching pad for women owned businesses to market themselves not only nationally, but also on the international stage.

UC Santa Barbara
In October 2011, the University of California in Santa Barbara invited CJAED to make the keynote presentation at the Herman P. and Sophia Taubman Endowed Symposia in Jewish Studies. Helmi Kittani and Eytan Biderman at the time the Co-Executive Directors of CJAED presented the story of the Center as one of “Peace Through Prosperity: Jewish-Arab Economic Development in Israel”