Jasmine Portal empowering women in business


Jasmine: the Association of Businesswomen in Israel, established by CJAED in 1996 has developed an outstanding tool for businesswomen from all communities across Israel.

The Jasmine Portal www.jasmine.org.il is a tri-lingual interactive resource designed by women for women. The portal is a launching pad for women owned businesses to market themselves not only nationally, but also on the international stage. In Hebrew, Arabic and English, the portal provides each woman that registers with a page in the portal detailing their business, and providing links to the business' official website. If the business does not have a website, the portal serves as a great substitute, providing all the business’ details and pictures of its products or services.

Strauss Group and its Chairwoman Ofra Strauss, who have supported and guided Jasmine for two years now, have been actively involved in the development of the portal.  Strauss Group has helped finance and develop the content and design of the portal and strongly  believes in the portal as an essential tool that will enable women to easily access information and support in establishing, managing and marketing their own businesses. “The Jasmine Portal will enable more women to realize their potential, earn a living and provide for their families. It offers them a site where they can find interesting issues and challenges while earning recognition for their successes,” says Jasmine’s President Ofra Strauss.

The portal explains to women why it is in their business’ best interest to be present on the internet: “Today, almost everything is done over the Internet – we read the news on the Internet, look for information about products, contact companies and acquaintances, find places of entertainment… we are spending more and more time surfing the net. That is why it is so important that your businesses are also there – under the marketing and exposure spotlights.”

The portal provides each user that registers with a username and password, which then takes them into the ‘build your own website’ world, guiding the women through the steps necessary to create their own personalized page. The end result is a webpage, each individually designed to suit the business’ image, which is accessible to the entire world that is the internet.

What is so exciting about the Jasmine portal is how it empowers and exposes women to a whole new world of internet marketing and business promotion. Many of the women that are members of Jasmine have never thought about having a website for their business, and if they have considered it, they were too daunted by the thought, and did not know where to turn or how to go about it. Now that Jasmine has equipped them with this tool – a website is now easily accessible to all businesswomen in Israel.

There are 17 women that already feature on the Jasmine portal, and a further 33 pages in development. Click here to visit some nice examples. At the recent annual Jasmine businesswomen’s conference, a further 150 businesses registered to build a page on the portal.

The portal is also full of interesting articles relating to women in business, stories of successful businesswomen and information about all of Jasmine’s activities from networking events and forums to consulting services, courses and conventions.

CJAED and Jasmine are thankful to our partners in this initiative: Strauss Group, Bezeq, Hadassah Foundation, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, UJA Federation of New York, MEPI, Copyhouse, Atarim and Semantica.