Mevo Carmel

The Mevo Carmel Jewish-Arab Industrial Park is a joint project of three partners: The Druze municipalities of Ir Carmel (Daliyat al-Carmel and Usfiya), (25,000 inhabitants), the Jewish town of Yoqneam 'Illit (20,000 inhabitants) and the Regional Council of Megiddo (10,000 inhabitants).
The joint Industrial Park encompasses an area of 1,000 dunams and the conservative vision is that once fully occupied it will create 3,000-4,000 jobs.
Aerial view of the Mevo Carmel industrial zone
Aerial view of the Mevo Carmel industrial zone

The need:

Research conducted into the reasons for a lack of economic development in Arab towns and villages has consistently highlighted the lack of infrastructure and designated commercial space. The limited industrial zoning in Arab towns and villages makes it difficult to create jobs within reach of Arab citizens. The existing setup of Industrial Parks results in loss of revenues for Arab towns and villages – the consequence of which is very low local investment in economic growth. The idea behind the Mevo Carmel Industrial Park is that it will allow small businesses from Arab Towns and Villages, to relocate to the Park, gain space and better services thus be able to grow.


Mevo Carmel and small businesses:

The industrial Park currently under construction at Mevo Carmel will include a designated area for relocation of 100 small businesses. It will also include an Enterprise Center, which will operate as an on-site incubator for up to 15 Arab or joint Jewish-Arab small businesses. The search for the right type of companies to open facilities at the site is in full swing. JDC-Tevet is a key partner in the project's planning and research, through the involvement of the Ma'avarim Ba'emek employment initiative.


Mevo Carmel’s focus on “Green Industries”:

The Industrial Park at Mevo Carmel will give priority to businesses that manufacture or produce products that are environmentally friendly; contribute to the preservation of the environment, use environmentally friendly systems and technologies. Examples of such businesses are alternative therapy clinics, yoga studios and health food manufacturing and stores.


The 'Green Center Initiative' is being advertised throughout the region, and small businesses that could benefit from the initiative get special support from CJAED.


These businesses will be temporarily incubated at a site in Yoqne'am until they are ready to relocate to the Mevo Carmel industrial zone which is currently being developed. The businesses will receive subsidized office rental, have access to loans from CJAED's Sulam Loan Fund, receive business consulting, book keeping and financing assistance, receive advertising space on the internet portal and many other benefits. This project presents a unique opportunity for the advancement of business, entrepreneurship and employment in the region, and will enable residents to benefit from the potential economic boost to the region that the project will generate.



Mevo Carmel's research surveys on human capital in the catchment area have been completed and recommendations formulated. Amongst the results, it was found that 80% of women surveyed were interested in professional training courses; 84% of those willing to work also wanted to receive training; and 43% of women were interested in starting an independent business.


Training programs:

Due to a significant delay in the Park’s construction schedule, CJAED has been conducting training courses in the catchment area, until the Park will be ready.

A regional Economic Business Development Center (EBDC) was created for the benefit of entrepreneurs in the region in and out of the designated Park area.

A unique Human Resource Development Center was created in Dalliat El Carmel in partnership with local municipal and regional authorities, MATI and the Israeli Government. CJAED operates the Center and provides courses in the following subjects:

·         Computer skills

·         English improvement

·         Hebrew improvement

·         Heavy trucking

·         Cooking

·         Pre-Academic course for women

·         IT

·         Glass painting

·         Weaving

·         Soft skills



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The Mevo Carmel Joint Industrial Park Project is made possible through the generous support of the UJA Federation of New York & the New Israel Fund